Frequently Asked Questions about our

Junk, Trash, and Garbage Removal Services

​What type of junk will you not take?

We do not take any hazardous materials. This includes asbestos, gas, oil, paints, full

propane tanks, toxic materials and chemicals. Legally, we are unable to carry

hazardous materials in our trucks. Please contact your local recycling center for

assistance in disposing of these materials.

Does Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone offer same day service?

Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone offers same day and next day junk and debris

removal. There is no need to wait days or even weeks, just call us today and

we will work around your schedule!

Will Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone offer after hours, Sunday or Holiday service?

We will do our best to accommodate all requests. If you are in need of last minute

pickups or cleanups, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Who uses Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone?


Homeowners - Regain a space that has been over-run with trash. Dispose of

used appliances and old furniture.

Landlords - Clear out a apartment or condo

unit for your next tenant or sale.

Realtors - Have a client who needs a quick 
clean out?

People with busy schedules looking to donate used items, but just don't have the time

Anyone who needs trash, debris or rubbish removal today!


Why should I choose Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone?

At Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone we pride ourselves by providing superior customer service with your 100% satisfaction in mind.

Can you give me an exact price before you arrive?

Pricing is based on volume and the type of material. We cannot give you an exact price until we are able to see how much space the items will fill up in our trucks. Over the phone we can schedule an appointment with you and and set up a free estimate. An Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone representative will then go the job site and provide the final no-obligation estimate. If you agree to the price, then our Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone team can do the job right then and there.

What type of payment does Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cash and personal or business checks.

What is the difference between your debris removal service and a roll-off container (dumpster)?

Our team does all the work, labor and clean up, removing the items from wherever they are located. We charge based on how much space the items take up in our 12 cubic yard dump truck. Dumpsters sit on your property for an extended period of time, and you must do all the loading yourself. You also pay for the entire volume of dumpsters, no matter how much you fill. At Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone, we make garbage removal, junk removal, trash removal, and waste removal easy. We make it all dissapear.

Will Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone pickup only one item?

Absolutely, we will remove single items or multiple loads.

Do I have to be at home when the work is done?

No, generally speaking, with your consent, we can go to the property and our crew can do the work. Our goal is to ensure that we do not use any more of your time than absolutely necessary.

What do you do with the junk or trash you remove?

All items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, recycled or donated to a local charity.

Is Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone licensed and insured?

Yes, Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone is fully licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and is fully insured.

What do I need to do to get started using Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone?

Contact an Abra-Cadabra Junk Be Gone Representative at 1-877-870-JUNK or fill out a free estimate form.